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Hand-painted in Gambia

Back in 2019 I stayed for a week in the small town of Bakau in a community called Kachikally, in Western Gambia, which is 12 km to the west of the Banjul capital. I am interested in the textual layers of signs, graffiti and street art found in urban places, which teells us something of the matrial richness of a place, its people and the community.

My photographs act as a tool to record and document the walls.

The image below is a view down one of the streets in Kachikally, in Bakau to the left the faded hand-painted sign points to Kachikally Cocodile Pool a museum and popular site for tourism.

Photograph above by street artist artist Guta Mao in Kachikally Market, Baku

All photographs from the series hand-painted Gambia © Tracey Thorne made in 2019, in Gambia, Africa.

Selected images from the series were published in a limited edition zine details below:

Hand-painted Gambia Zine

Published in 2022, Blurb

Description: Portrait (softcover),

20 x 25 cm, 40 pages colour,

available to buy from Blurb for around £35 per copy here


© Tracey Thorne
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