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Hand-painted Jamaica


Selected images from Hand-painted Jamaica which explores the visual language of Jamaica, through graffiti, hand-painted signs and street art found painted across the island.


The project focused on working with Jamaican sign-painters to learn about their artistic processes and to document their art form. At the same time it captured some of Jamaica's emerging street art scene in Kingston and the vibrant Jamaican art found almost in every neighbourhood that reflects the country's identity, history and culture. 


This part of the project received support from Arts Council England and works were exhibited in show called Big Tings a Gwaan Down Di Street exhibition, at The Old Print Works, Birmingham (2019). Selected images from that exhibition are featured in a limited edition zine Hand-painted Jamaica contact the artist for details. 

Several of the sign-painters involved in the early project received a copy of the zine as part of the collaborative approach to share work back with the artist on a return trip to the island read more here

Beyond the project Hand-painted Jamaica 


The series Hand-painted jamaica is ongoing and images published on the artists Tumblr blog Jamaica Jamaica

Some previously unpublished images from the series in 2021 were published in Islandia Journal available below:  


Whole Lotta Signs (2021) in Islandia Journal Vol II, A Subtropical Periodical 

Work from the series (including unpublished images)are available for exhibition or publication as a photo essay.


Images are also available to purchase as giclee photographic prints contact the artist for details.

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