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Hand-painted Jamaica Notes

Selected images from the series Hand-painted Jamaica 2018 - 2023 which explores the visual language of Jamaica through graffiti, hand-painted signs and street art found painted on walls across the island. The series forms part of an on-going body of work which is an extensive collection of photographs that documents contemporary Jamaican visual culture.

The early work in 2018/2019 received support from Arts Council England and inculded work with sign -painters and street artists in Jamaica to learn about thier artitst practices and collaboration to document thier work. The series is ongoing. 



Big Tings a Gwaan Down Di Street exhibition (2019), at The Old Print Works, Birmingham, UK

Yuh Nah Ready Fi Di, single image judges cateory winner, Fix photo Awards 2020, L N Noble Gallery



Limited edition zine Hand-painted Jamaica (2019, earlier images) is available here 

Various unpublished images from the series were featured in Whole Lotta Signs (2021) in Islandia Journal Vol II, A Subtropical Periodical 

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