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Tracey Thorne

Photographer and Photographic Artist




Tracey Thorne (b.1971) Cornwall, UK.  Tracey is a documentary photographer and photographic artist. She lives and works in Birmingham, UK. In recent years Tracey has also built a substantial body of work internationally, particularly in Jamaica, where she resided and worked for a significant period. With a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in English/History, she draws inspiration from historical narratives and cultural contexts in her artistic practice. Additionally, her Master's (MA) degree in Public Health provides a unique lens through which she examines social issues and their impact on communities, enriching her artistic exploration of the world we live in. 

Tracey's is a recipient of by numerous grant awards, and has been exhibiting her work in the UK since 2018.

Artist Statement


Tracey works with digital photography and alternative photographic processes, predominantly working with cyanotype. Her image-making is bound up in her experiences of urban and rural spaces, exploring themes relating to place, visual culture, and collective memory. 

Her work frequently explores the textual layers found in specific locations where she uses photography to help evoke the feeling of place and understand the identity of those spaces and its material richness. She continues to explore in her work issues relating to the human-altered landscape from centuries of extractive industries and environmental issues linked to climate change. More recently this has expanded to start to also think about the lasting legacies of colonisation on the land and communities. 

Tracey has a special interest in working with artifacts and found objects to uncover hidden or untold histories.


Solo Exhibitions

Hand-painted Jamaica (2019) The Old Print Works, Birmingham,

The Faded City (2020) The Hive Galley, Birmingham, 

Altered Landscape (2021) Heartlands Gallery, Cornwall,

Fieldnotes Jamaica, (2022) Hive Gallery, Birmingham  



Self-published photographic artist zines:

Hand-Painted Jamaica (2019) available here for £8 Zines

Lots of Signs: Jamaican Dancehall Signs (2020)available here for £8 Zines

Birmingham Ghost Signs (2020) 

Hand-painted Gambia, pubblished in 2022 available from Blurb Handpainted Gambia

Published Photo Essays/works

A whole Lotta of Signs (2022) Islandia Volume II, a Subtropical Periodical 


Contact the Artist or Buy Artworks 


For information about any of the works listed here or to contact the artist to purchase prints click the link here.


Selected cyanotype and other works are available for purchase at Saatchi Art 


© Tracey Thorne
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