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 London Calling
Tart Cards


Tart cards found in London telephone boxes, sex work, photographs by Tracey Thorne

London Calling: Tart Cards

Selected images (2023)



London Calling: Tart Cards   London's vanishing clandestine telephone box art, famously known as Tart Cards, once adorned these telephone boxes to advertise the services of sex workers, gaining popularity from the mid-80s to the 90s. However, over the last decade, as telephone boxes were decommissioned and authorities cracked down on illicit advertising, these cards have virtually disappeared from the streets. Amidst the quiet streets of London during the 2021 pandemic, the artist documented the remnants of Tart Cards found in telephone boxes around Euston and Soho. London Calling explores the fading Tart Cards as found objects and fading fragments—captured through the diminishing cards, paper, and vinyl stickers discovered within the confines of telephone boxes.


Limited edition photobook

published by Tracey Thorne

available direct from the artist here

PDF version available online via Blurb here


© Tracey Thorne
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