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Altered Landscape

Cyanotypes from an Altered Landscape 
Old mine workings South Croft Tin Mine

Old mine works 2012 South Crofty Tin mine view towards Pool

Miners boots South Crofty Tin Mine

Just left miners boots found in 2012 South Crofty Tin Mine 


Persons Working Below old shaft South Crofty Tin Mine

Southy Crofty Tin Mine and Mount Wellington Tin Mine

My father underground at Wheel Jane Tin Mine working with the unions to try and save the mine. The government finally closed the mine turned off the water pumps in 1992 which led to an environmental disater when water from the mine leaked into the loacl river and water system.  


View towards Old Cooks Kitchen mine during lockdown



Selected images from the Altered Landscape

A collection of twelve framed photographic prints on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag (308gsm)and eight cyanotype prints on Fabrainno 5 watercolor paper.  


Exhibited at Heartlands (former tin mine site), Pool Cornwall, 2021

Altered Landscape is a series of work by Tracey Thorne which traces the footsteps of her father who was a Cornish miner to explore the impact of decades of mining on the land in Cornwall.

The work includes a digital photo sound still and film short of installation of a cyanotype print on fabric exhibited outside (Ale & Cakes Mine).


This project received a grant from Arts Council England. 

© Tracey Thorne 2022
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