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An Awakened Conscience Florence

Street art by artist Exit Enter, in Florence, Italy

An Awakened Conscience Florence street art Florence Exit Enter photograph by Tracey Thorne

Exit Enter street art found in Florence Italy photographed by Tracey Thorne

Photographs: Street Art, (2018) Florence, Italy

The distinctive street art by Tuscan artist Exit Enter can be found tucked away in obscure places in the city of Florence. He is best known for his street art and began painting on the streets in 2013, driven by the need to share art in public places. In this context, the stylized figure (stick people) is one of his best-known works and is understood by the artist as a tag to sign his works, as well as an entity with which he confronts himself or tells stories to passer-by's. Works also often include textual messages and often is tag Exit or Exit Enter.


© Tracey Thorne
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