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Making Dancehall Signs with Sign Painter Jim Kerr

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Inspired by the hand-painted Dancehall signs I've photographed in Jamaica working with local sign-painter Jim Kerr we thought we would give it whirl running a workshop to let people create their own sign.

Here's the real thing Dancehall sign-painter by Bug Art photographed at his studio in Jamaica for Juicezz Invasion party.

Jim is sign-painter who runs his busy studio Seven 9 Signs in Digbeth, Birmingham.

For my exhibition Big Tings A Gwaan Down Di Street held in April, 2019 at the Old Print Works. Jim made a beautiful sign in the style of Dancehall which we had planned to share at the workshop but, it was so nice someone stole it. Jim photographed below on the right with me after he unveiled the sign.

People had great fun practicing the lettering on card before having a shot at making their own sign. Its hard than it looks but great fun was had by all.

This workshop was delivered as part of the Big Tings A Gwaan Down Di Street exhibition (April 2019) as part of the a project called Hand-painted Jamaica. The project received support from Arts Council England.

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