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The Art of Protest

Protest is our way to assert our freedom of association - the one for the many and many for the one. We inhabit a zeitgeist which we cannot separate ourselves from. Art does not happen in a state of isolation, it is here and now and the here and now is urgency.

Anish Kapoor (artist)


The Art of Protest (2019) published by Amnesty International

The Art of Protest explores how photography can be a means of protest. How the photographer can be part of a shift from documentary photography to visual activism. From observer to activist to make and use images as agents for change.

As an activist my photography seeks to use art as a means of protest - focused mainly around issues connected to the environment, urban spaces, and equal justice.

Photograph: Kill the Bill protest Victoria Square, 2021

Street Art: Reclaim the Street, cyanotype by Tracey Thorne on paper Little Ann Street, Birmingham, 2020

Experimenting with sound stills made at Kill The Bill protest Birmingham as a form of digital visual protest. Turning the temporary into a permanent lasting individual call for action.

If you're interested in the work follow on social media #theartofprotest

The Art of Protest is an artist development project supported by Arts Council England, Developing Your Creative Practice Fund.


© Tracey Thorne
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