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Land of Good And Wata

About Fieldnotes Jamaica

Fieldnotes Jamaica is a series of work made in response to the global climate crisis by reflecting on the environmental challenges facing the Island of Jamaica.

This body of work was created during the pandemic, a period that provided the artist with more time to look closely at the world which surrounds us and reflect on one of the defining issues of our time.

The images in the series explore Jamaica through a wide environmental lens as well as drawing upon personal experience of living on the island, research and a long term interest in the typography of landscapes. The work seeks to highlight the fractured and altered natural landscape as a result of inharmonious human interference from Colonial times to the present day. The project received grant support from Arts Council England. 


Fieldnotes Jamaica Exhibition (2022) The Hive Gallery Birmingham, UK


Cyanotypes on Fabriano 5 (Not) paper 297 x 420 mm

Photographs C type digtal prints on Fuji metallic 420 x 594 mm framed (white)

Postcard Set

A set of six cyanotypes were also made on old early twentieth century used Jamaica postcards. Read the photo essay on disrupting old so called 'picturesque Jamaica' postcards here.

Exhibition Wall Grid 

Set of twenty one cyanotypes on Fabriano 5 (not) paper each 210 x 297 mm

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